AirScout Wi-Fi Testing Solution - design, verify and troubleshoot wireless networks with ease.

Testing Wi-Fi® Connectivity

Wi-Fi® is quickly becoming the primary network of choice in the home, business and metro areas. Consumers are using it for High-Def & Ultra High-Def Video streaming, Gaming, and Social media and expect a seamless Wi-Fi experience whether on wired or wireless LAN networks. However technician’s current workflows use rudimentary tools when characterizing the Wi-Fi environment and this lack of client side visibility into the Quality of Experience is causing WiFi issues to spiral out of control.AirScout WiFi Testing Solution

To solve these problems, Greenlee® Communications has introduced AirScout™, a Wi-Fi Testing Solution. AirScout enables the technician to design, verify and troubleshoot wireless networks in any environment from residential homes or SMBs to schools, hospitals and large business complexes resulting in greatly reduced Wi-Fi related customer calls and truck rolls; allowing the technician to automatically:

  • Identify Wi-Fi dead zones within the home
  • Optimize the In-Home Configuration with Intelligent Channel selection & Access Point location
  • Assess the User Experience over Wi-Fi before finishing an install.
  • Identify Up-Sell Opportunities to the consumer where coverage gaps or mismatches in expected user experience appear.



 Wi-Fi® is a registered trademark of Wi-Fi Alliance

AirScout Wi-Fi Testing Solution