Testing Wi-Fi® Readiness

Wi-Fi® is quickly becoming the primary network of choice in the home, business and in metro areas. Consumers are using it for High-Def & Ultra High-Def Video streaming, Gaming, and Social media to name a few, really changing the definition of “broadband”. Meanwhile consumers are expecting a seamless Wi-Fi experience whether on wired or Wi-Fi networks. However technician’s current workflows use rudimentary tools when characterizing the Wi-Fi environment and this lack of client side visibility into the Quality of Experience is causing Wi-Fi issues to spiral out of control.

To solve these problems, Greenlee® Communications has introduced AirScout™, an automated Wi-Fi readiness solution that characterizes the Wi-Fi environment resulting in greatly reduced Wi-Fi related customer calls and truck rolls; allowing the technician to automatically:

  • Identify Wi-Fi dead zones within the home
  • Optimize the In-Home Configuration with Intelligent Channel selection & Access Point location
  • Assess the User Experience over Wi-Fi before finishing an install.
  • Identify Up-Sell Opportunities to the consumer where coverage gaps or mismatches in expected user experience appear.



 Wi-Fi® is a registered trademark of Wi-Fi Alliance