Telecom Cable Installation

Sherman + Reilly supplies a full spectrum of fiber optic cable installation equipment ranging from Fiber to the Business (FTTB) down to Multiple Dwelling Units (MDUs). These jetting systems are lightweight and extremely versatile, making sluggish installations a thing of the past. Sherman + Reilly has earned the reputation for superior quality, service, and longevity – and these products are no different. Utilizing a balance between low-strain pushing force and high speed air flow, Sherman + Reilly makes it possible for longer installation distances with less force on the cables. Installations are less dependent on bends and undulations in the duct, and there is no need to install a winch rope. Described by many as the “Gold Standard” of equipment, Sherman + Reilly has provided its products to nearly every utility and utility contractor in North America. With a 100% focus on quality and user safety, they are truly The Lineman’s Best Friend.