Wi-Fi® is no longer a supplemental network connection around the home, business and while out and about: It is often the primary means of connection to the internet for many people. Increasingly, the end user is using Wi-Fi even in preference, often without knowing it, to their 3G or 4G/LTE connection. When Wi-Fi is problematic at home, faults are reported to the service provider. It is estimated that 30 to 40 % of service calls are now related to Wi-Fi issues and this technology is a source of much end-user frustration.

  • Wi-Fi Issues may cost providers $2 billion per year
  • Nearly 60% of users have reported problems streaming video over Wi-Fi
  • 80% of Smartphone data usage occurs in Wi-Fi accessible areas; cellular data accounts for only 20%. Wi-Fi “offload” is increasingly important
  • 30 to 40% of customer calls are Wi-Fi related

Current workflows do not address Wi-Fi well; the environment is not characterized taking into account traffic, congestion and interference. With cable operators (MSO) and Telco’s competing head to head, their battle is against “churn”. Any method to enhance the broadband customer’s satisfaction and build loyalty is key to maximizing revenue in a very competitive marketplace. With ever increasing “over-the-top” (OTT) services for high-definition and ultra-definition video streaming and videoconferencing the definition of “broadband” is changing; with the FCC recently stating that 25 Mbs-1 is the minimum acceptable downstream rate.

The Solution - AirScout

AirScout provides client-side visibility in minutes into the whole-home or SME Wi-Fi Quality of Experience, identifying issues, and suggesting solutions before the tech leaves.


"AirScout™: Enhancing Wi-Fi Quality of Experience"

AirScout will help you identify the optimum location and settings for the "gateway" (access point or “hub”) of a broadband service within the home or small business: Providing a true view of the client-side "Quality of Experience" by application and location. AirScout provides an automated MIMO, dual-band Wi-Fi installation and troubleshooting solution that is highly portable, quick to deploy and easy to use with clear, understandable results.

Optimize Quality of Experience by being “As close to real-world traffic as you can get”

Automatically stress testing the Wi-Fi environment simultaneously from several locations to get "real" results based on...

  • Service types
  • Locations
  • Traffic density

AirScout summarizes many complex and simultaneous multi-site measurements into one simple set of Quality of Experience (QoE) ranks or "scores" presented in a clean and friendly, tablet-based, user interface. These simple results are ideal for showing the customer and helping explain limitations of their installation while providing the opportunity to offer additional equipment such as second access points or repeaters.


Intelligent channel selection that considers the whole installation not just the "hub” provides comprehensive analysis of: -

  • The RF environment
  • Physical layer
  • Effectiveness at the Application layer

AirScout is bringing enterprise class Wi-Fi analysis to the home and small business.


AirScout supports from 1 to 30+ clients. The more clients you use the better the coverage of the testing. After placing the clients and pressing one button,testing is entirely automatic so adding more detail only slightly increases technician time.


When testing is complete results are retained by the master controller until the technician completes his other work. When the technician re-starts the application on the tablet the results are presented in a simple yet comprehensive form. With this info, the technician can now ensure the access point is in the optimal location and complete the final wiring as necessary.

Optionally, after the permanent access point or “gateway” is installed, a sub-set of tests can be repeated through its wireless interface by connecting the AirScout Master Controller’s gigabit Ethernet port. This can further enhance confidence that the installation is optimized.


Retrievable “birth-certificate”

Reports can be saved in a cloud storage system for later retrieval should any comparison be needed or these can be made accessible to telephone support technicians to recommend changes to the end user at some point in the future. 


 Wi-Fi® is a registered trademark of Wi-Fi Alliance